Coordinated Compassion

Samaritan Outreach created the Coordinated Compassion program in late 2014.  It’s sole focus is to make sure all efforts by Highland County churches and social service organizations are going to those who are truly in need.  Coordinated Compassion is a staffed desk and database housed at Samaritan that tracks gifts and services given to those in need by all churches and organizations choosing to report.

Many area churches give to residents in need when they are approached.  Now each church or organization can call our Coordinated Compassion desk as part of their decision making process.  We will be able to tell them if the individual they are considering for a gift has received assistance for the same need in the past.  While many folks who reach out for help are truly in need, some are simply “working the system”.  We hope that this tracking effort will help all resources reach those who truly need them.

For additional information please call us at 937-393-2220.