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-To file your 2016 Federal, State & School Taxes using the FREE Benefit Bank online software CLICK THIS LINK.

-To meet with one of Samaritan’s Ohio Benefit Bank Tax Counselors to file your federal, state, and school district taxes call us at 937-393-2220 or choose your appointment time on the calendar below.

Our service is:

  • Completely safe and secure, thanks to a direct link with IRS e-file
  • Extremely accurate, connecting you with all potential tax credits
  • Free for single returns with AGI less than $65,000 or for joint returns, less than $95,000
  • Also available at one of our self-serve computers with simple to follow step-by-step instructions

Don’t lose any of your refund to Refund Anticipation Loans or unnecessary fees; instead, file with us and hang on to your full refund! ┬áBy e-filing, Ohioans can maximize their refunds, while receiving their refunds in 14 days or less.